Kixx PAO A3/B4

100% Synthetic Engine Oil applied with PAO

API SN, ACEA A3/B4-12 Recommended

MB229.3, VW502.00 / 505.00 Approval


Premium performance, multi-grade motor oil formulated from PAO & VHVI synthetic base fluids and race-proven additive technology for passenger car gasoline engines


• Gasoline in passenger cars

• Passenger cars where the manufacturers recommend ACEA A3/B4 spec oils

• Portable power equipment where the manufacturer recommends conventional passenger car motor oils

Performance Standards

• ACEA A3/B4-12 (the latest ACEA specification)

• MB229.3, VW502.00 / 505.00 Approval

• Meets and exceeds API SN specification

Performance Standards

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